Botler 1 was first designed on a radio controlled crawler. Its great grip and flexibility was an excellent starting point.

Risultati immagini per reely rock crawler

The first, obvious downside was the space available. I had to 3D print two plates in order to host the first electronic circuits. Sadly, as size increased so did the weight (the 3D printed parts were not heavy). The stability started to fall apart, so I had to discard this model.

Thanks to China and its cheaper products (If I had to buy everything in Switzerland I wouldn’t be at this point) I found a solid tank chassis. There were dozens of options but finally I got my hand on a Doit T800.

Risultati immagini per doit T800

Ok, it may not be the best option but it was cheap. Instructions were not in the box but the seller quickly sent a copy by e-mail.

The T800 is made in aluminium, has a lot of space (even in front and behind, where I quickly 3D printed two extensions) and it is powered by 4 9V motors with hall sensors.

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