• Raspberry Pi as webserver: Core mostly done, needs a design overhaul for the interface. WiFi/3G script  will be re-made for better stability and LAN access will be implemented. 
  • ECU Motor Controller: Done
  • ECU Arm Controller: Missing a SD system for ‘last position tracking’ in  order to avoid extreme movements at boot.
  • ECU Dead man switch: Designed
  • ECU Front sensors: 90% done, it is missing a filter for unusual readings
  • ECU Back sensors: 90% done, it is missing a filter for unusual readings ECU Current and temperature sensor: Planned, not programmed
  • ECU Lidar: Lidar is working, data is collected. Working on an  algorythm to process the informations.
  • ECU GPS positioning: Designed
  • Remote Controller: Missing a 3d printed shell, buttons and layout design
  • Platform CrawlerThis option has been discarded in favour of T800
  • Platform Tank T800: Completed
  • Platform 2xT007: Planned as a future update
  • Power system: current: 2x batteries NiMH 5000mAh for an output of 9.6V, Working but may be reconsidered for the new platform (12V Pb sealed battery with 20000 mAh).

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