Botler 1 is here!

During the afternoon and evening I got the chance to finish the websocket communication protocol. It seems to work pretty well.

Not perfect, because I still have some readings that jumps out of range now and then, but data streaming is online!

I decided to set GPS aside for a while. There are a few important steps I have to complete that are more important.

I am currently planning new 3D parts in order to make maintenance and upgrades even easier. I will keep a lateral door with USB connections (I don’t want to dismantle everything just to update some microcontroller or the Raspberry Pi, but the front and rear ends will change a bit.

Battery bay is one piece I had to completely scrap. The new batteries are bigger, and will be placed in the middle. From 9.6V 6000mAh to 12V 10000mAh allowing stronger motors and a longer life time.

Planning is not over. Even though I stopped programming, and I will focus on finishing the hardware, I still have a few ideas for a few upgrades:

  • GPS (that was postponed a bit)
  • Charging station (this could be a bit of a challenge)
  • Automatic home navigation
  • Outdoor pathfinding


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