Preparation of the RPi

Notes: I use Windows 10 and I will describe the procedure from this OS.  Softwares may vary. Due to the continue update of libraries and tools, some instructions may change in the future. Always refer to their developers. 

Here we are, with a blank Raspberry (with internal wifi is better), a new micro SD card (for Botler 1 I bought a 16GB one, but even a 8GB would have been enough) and a SD card adapter for the computer. All we need, more than this, are the following items:

Once the Raspbian image has been downloaded, it is necessary to extract the .img file from the .zip file. The operation can be done using 7-Zip or similar softwares. Usually it is enough to right-click on the file and select “extract to..” but sometimes you need to open the software and select the file you want.

Before installing the Operating System on the Pi we need to clean our micro SD. If it is new it is not strictly necessary but always a good thing to do. In ‘File Explorer’ select ‘This PC’ and locate the SD card. Right click on it and select ‘Format’ and select FAT32.

At this point, we need to use Win32 Disk Imager and load the .img file on the memory card. A simple drag and drop does not work: we need to install a bootable OS.

From this software select the image we previously downloaded and select the device letter of the SD card. Click on ‘write’ and wait until the end of the procedure.

Insert the card into the Pi and connect the power suply, screen, keyboard and mouse. Let’s boot it for the first time!

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