News 20.12.2019

It is almost 2020 and an update was needed. There are a few new pages, mostly on the Raspberry Pi. I want to give you a step by step guide on how to set it up for our needs.

Speaking of hardware, Botler 1 was working fine with basic setup (sensors, motors, controls, CAN,…) but I decided to start all over with new 3D parts. Those parts will have a few advantages over the old ones.

Another upgrade is being made to the plugs. Instead of loose single pin DuPont wires I am installing white plugs and multi-pole DuPont shells.

On the website I added a new empty menu item: Advanced. From here, all the modifications made to the robot will increase its performance. Beginning with a 3G/4G module equipped with a SIM card. The main target is to cover power outages WiFi loss and other related problems. Hardware will arrive this week and as soon as I have time I will work on it.


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