Front and rear sensor bay

The first 3D part that give us a solid starting point is the sensor bay.

I planned a particular shape, in order to get three front sensors at three different angles and two side sensors for turning. The body resulted in a piece like this:

The additional central hole is planned for the front facing camera or an optional rear end camera. Because of this I 3D printed two of these.

On the lower part, I started wiring the ECUs, and as planned, there is plenty of room for two Arduino Nano & CAN module. In the front bay I fixed the ECU for the sensors and the one dedicated to the motors, meanwhile in the back the sensor’s ECU and a CAN sniffer. Why a can sniffer? I need something at a low level (the Pi is too complex for this job). Domething dedicated to reading can and send informations to a USB connection. Believe me that this can help a lot during debugs.

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